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Our Telegram-Groups

Leipzig Helps Ukraine – Legal / Asylum

Our Telegram group for legal information. In this group, help is given with questions on immigration and social law. All other legal questions can also be discussed there. In addition, you can find information about migration advice centres and associations that specialise in legal advice.

Leipzig Helps Ukraine – Accommodation

Our Telegram group for accommodation requests. If you are either searching for or can offer accommodation in Leipzig and the surrounding area, please join this group.
In the group it is allowed to search for flats and to respond to requests. It is forbidden to actively offer flats, as we cannot sufficiently check the offers.

Leipzig Helps Ukraine – Donations

Our Telegram group for donations. Join the group if you are searching for free items and daily necessities or if you would like to offer something for free.
Sales and commercial offers are not welcome. Asking for money donations is not allowed due to security reasons.

Leipzig Helps Ukraine – Translation

Our Telegram group for translations. Here you can search for language mediation for doctor’s appointments, visits to the authorities, etc. Join this group if you would like to offer help with translations or if you can volunteer as a translator.

Leipzig helps Ukraine – Relocation Assistance

Our Telegram group to organise assistance with relocation in Leipzig and the surrounding area. If you are searching for help with moving or can offer it on a voluntary basis, join this group. There you will also find information on transport options within the city.