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Leipzig helps Ukraine – Jobs Telegram Channel

“Leipzig helps Ukraine” is in constant contact with refugees and wants to provide support according to their needs. We are receiving more and more enquiries about jobs and are building up this new area.

We share regional jobs in a new Telegram channel and attach importance to the seriousness of the employers. The channel is read-only.

Please also check our website regularly. We will compile and publish more relevant information for you in the future.

Leipzig Helps Ukraine – Kids & Family

Information about the group

The Kids & Families team deals with all issues that organise and improve the lives of children who have fled from Ukraine to Leipzig. We provide information on the topics of school and kindergarten, take care of leisure activities for children of all ages (such as sports, culture and art) in cooperation with the city and other organisations. We have already organised the first events. We also see ourselves as a communica,on platform for all questions concerning the daily life of families with children coming from Ukraine. 

Leipzig Helps Ukraine – Animals

Information about the group

People fleeing war often take their pets with them. While entry into the EU with pets has at least been simplified for Ukrainians, there are problems in many cases at a later stage. In many accommodations, keeping animals is not allowed. There is no money to care for the animals and language and bureaucratic barriers make visits to the vet difficult. Team Animals therefore addresses both refugees from Ukraine who have come to Leipzig with their pets or are planning to do so, and people from Leipzig who are willing to take in these pets temporarily or donate food. We also coordinate people who want to help with veterinary visits and offer translations and are the right contact for veterinary practices who want to help in this difficult situation. 

Leipzig Helps Ukraine – Donations

Telegram group for donations in kind and money. Join the group if you can offer help with donations in kind and/or collecting points.

Information about the group

The Donations Team is responsible for raising donations in kind and money. In addition to donations from private individuals, our focus is on approaching companies and/or institutions to ensure larger donation volumes. In close cooperation with the association “Humanitäre Hilfe Ukraine”, we organise transports directly to the affected areas in Ukraine. Monetary donations received serve as a basis for the procurement of goods in this context. At the same time, we keep an eye on the needs of those arriving in Leipzig, coordinate distribution points and note urgent requests on our collaborative map. In addition, networking with actors from civil society and business to meet needs is part of our range of tasks. 

Leipzig Helps Ukraine – Legal / Asylum

Telegram group for legal information.

Join the group:

  • if you need legal information
  • if you have information to legal stuff
Information about the group

The Legal/Asylum team provides assistance in the field of law. We try to cover the whole spectrum from residence law to social law. If the community in our channel is not able to help, we try to provide assistance or refer you to agencies and organisaKons that can help. We coordinate with the City of Leipzig in order to be able to provide you with up-to-date information. If we don’t know what to do, the Refugee Law Clinic Leipzig and the Saxon Refugee Council are good places to go. We are currently a team of five, most of us have a legal background. Helping hands and heads are welcome. We can always use people who can help us sort through the flood of informaKon and provide assistance in the channel. 

Leipzig Helps Ukraine – Translation

Telegram group for translation help in Leipzig.

Join the group:

  • if you want to help with translations (Russian/Ukrainian/ other languages welcome too) or if you want something translated.
  • if you want to help refugees practically in Leipzig with your language skills; accompany the arrivals, offer help with settling in the new accommodation, do care work or if you are looking for this care.
Information about the group

The Translation team deals with a wide range of translation-related issues. We manage the Telegram Channel, which connects people who need translations or can help with them. Requests are made there for help with translating texts, as well as for help from translators to provide people with linguistic support when dealing with the authorities or with medical care.

In addition, we help to find translators who receive and look after refugees at the train station or in the various accommodations. Furthermore, we continue to network with different partners who can support refugees with their networks and experience in all kinds of translation requests.

Leipzig Helps Ukraine – Accommodation

Telegram group for accommodation requests in Leipzig.

Information about the group

A central part of our work is to develop medium- and long-term prospects for people arriving in Leipzig to stay. These are fundamentally linked to the question of (suitable) housing. In close exchange with important actors in Leipzig (for example, the Kontaktstelle Wohnen, WOFA and Linxxnet), we try to determine the needs of the arrivals and develop solutions for the urgent accommodation problem. We want to place the arriving people in their own housing as soon as possible and have a particular focus on the needs of those who are not sufficiently taken into account by the municipal structures: Women travelling alone, people with animals (who are not allowed into collective accommodation), LGBTIQ* people, third-country nationals, disabled people and people in need of care.