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Who we are

The association Leipzig helps Ukraine is a network from Leipzig. We are students, journalists, lawyers, graphic designers, artists, software developers and organizational talents – simply Leipzigers who are ready to act and who want to contribute to the creation of new aid programs for Ukrainians in their city and to improve the organization of existing ones.

About the project

Since when do we exist

Since February 24, 2022, the first day after the Russian attack on Ukraine began, we created a Telegram channel to connect people who want to help or know how to best help. The channel went viral and got a rapid influx from various Leipzig communities. In the beginning, there were ten of us, now there are around 70 and we’re getting more every day.

What we want

We want to build a network that is a central point of contact in Leipzig for people seeking help and for those who help. We want to bundle forces and resources of municipal structures, associations and initiatives as well as private persons in order to better organize already existing offers of help and to create new ones. In concrete terms, this means that everything that supports people in Ukraine or Ukrainians in Leipzig should come together here. Those who need help will get it, and those who want to help will find appropriate opportunities to do so.

What are the challenges

Our network has grown so quickly that we are currently suffering from growing pains and have to find a way to coordinate all the agencies and people involved in the best possible way. So in order to build a comprehensive infrastructure, the first thing we need to do is organize ourselves.

How you can help us

Of course, donations in kind and money are what count first and foremost. So if you have something to spare, please donate. Otherwise you can support us with your time and expertise. We can use everything from translators and lawyers to media professionals and childcare workers. We need accommodations for refugees and people who can imagine supporting people in dealing with German authorities and asylum applications.
See more info on how you can help us here.