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About us

How long have we been around? 

The organisation originated from a group on the messaging service, Telegram that was formed on the first day after the start of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine on 24/02/2022. The number of members grew, as did the willingness to help and the challenges faced – both for the people arriving from Ukraine and the volunteers in Leipzig. The Telegram group became the central point of contact for questions, urgent help and networking.

In addition, we became active offline: together with the city council, we searched for solutions to the most urgent problems, and began to realize our own projects and cooperate with other organisations and initiatives in Leipzig.

Who are we? 

There is a large network of individuals behind Leipzig helps Ukraine e.V., bringing experience from a wide range of fields: we come from social, media, economic and academic backgrounds, and contribute to the organisation’s activities as organisers, workers, visionaries and thinkers.

Above all, we strive for one thing: a dignified and self-determined life for the people in Leipzig affected by the war in Ukraine. 

What do we want? 

Leipzig helps Ukraine e.V. is a network that brings together volunteers with people seeking protection in Leipzig, especially those coming from Ukraine. For quick and uncomplicated help, we strive for close cooperation with municipal structures, associations, initiatives and individuals, and are active both online and offline: we provide support on Telegram, referring people to existing offers and collecting needs that give rise to real projects in the Leipzig area. Our aim is to create offers for a self-determined life in Leipzig, regardless of whether the people affected by the war only want to spend a few hours, a few weeks or their entire lives in Leipzig. To achieve this, we search proactively for solutions together with others, because networking is a top priority for us. 

How do we work? 

In order to react quickly to ever-changing needs, we work on a project-by-project basis. In concrete terms, this means: when needs are expressed (e.g. on Telegram), we first check whether suitable offers already exist in the Leipzig area. If this is not the case, we design our own (short) projects. The primary goal is to provide fast and uncomplicated support, which is why we consult with other initiatives, associations and the city itself. This not only pools experience and ideas in the shortest possible time, but, in the best case scenario, also ensures a medium to long-term solution.

Projects can be initiated or requested by members of the organisation as well as by other people involved with Leipzig helps Ukraine. 

Grant-aided by:

Stadt Leipzig
Leipzig hilft Kindern

Supported by:

ferry porsche stiftung
eberhard schöck stiftung

In cooperation with:

Wir sind Paten
vhs ddv
urban x-change network
Pavillon der Hoffnung
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