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Your work permit & legal employment in Germany

Am I allowed to work in Germany?

Employment without a residence permit, i.e. during your stay completely visa-free, is not allowed.

Those who have received §24 AufenthG residence permit can start working immediately. Usually the following is written on the back of the id-card – Erwerbstätigkeit (ist) gestattet. For your own safety, we always ask you to sign a proper employment contract with your employer. You can also start a company or work as a freelancer. As this may require additional permits, it is recommended that you first seek appropriate advice.

§24 AufenthG id-cards are not issued immediately, as they still need to be made. In this case, the Fiktionsbescheinigung (temporary permit) is issued. Look for the following text in this document: “Erwerbstätigkeit erlaubt”, “Beschäftigung gestattet”. This means that you are allowed to work.

If you see an ad: only a passport is required to work – this is illegal. You can work in Germany only after obtaining a work permit. Illegal employment can lead to serious consequences, recalculation or denial of social help.

Working using Polish/Czech/Croatian documents is illegal. These documents are valid only in the country where they were issued. Work visas cannot be “transferred”.

German employers do not ask for a passport before concluding the contract, and even more so they do not take it away.

What is legal employment?

Legal employment – ensures the existence of an employment contract that meets the requirements for the minimum wage, according to which payments are made to all social insurance funds (health insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance, etc.)