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What regulations must my pet meet when entering Germany? First steps for people with pets.

The entry requirements for pets (dogs, cats, ferrets) are strictly regulated.
The mentioned animals have to be vaccinated and chipped, have to be reported to the responsible veterinary office immediately after arrival and are subject to quarantine regulations if necessary, which can be imposed by the experts of the veterinary office.

Currently, entry is only possible under the following conditions:
Presence of an EU pet passport
Microchip identification
A valid vaccination against rabies (min. 21 days old)
An antibody titer test to determine the rabies antibodies

However, due to the war in Ukraine, temporarily eased conditions have been created for entry with pets.

In Saxony, no quarantine period is currently required upon arrival of unvaccinated or recently vaccinated animals.
However, upon arrival in Germany with animals, a report must be made immediately to the responsible veterinary office. Furthermore, a veterinary initial examination of the animal must happen on site within 6 weeks after entry.

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