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What is the ‘Education and Social Participation’ (‘Bildung und Teilhabe’) package?

As a recipient of social benefits, you are fundamentally entitled to receive benefits from the ‘Education and Social Participation’ package for your child.

Benefits from the ‘Education and Social Participation’ package may be:

  • money for school trips and class outings
  • money for everyday school supplies
  • covering the costs of school meals
  • discounted entry to facilities such as museums, theatres, amusement parks and so on
  • Ferienpass and FreizeitTicket travel tickets

If you receive money from the Jobcenter Leipzig, you should apply for these benefits there, like any other additional benefit. If you receive benefits under Social Code IX or the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act, you should apply for benefits from this package at the responsible Social Welfare Office.

This procedure is nothing new:

Write an informal email to your caseworker at the Jobcenter or Social Welfare Office, stating your benefit community number (‘BG-Nummer’, printed on your approval notice from the Jobcenter) or your identification number (found in your benefit notice from the Social Welfare Office) and describing your request. State the expected costs and attach proof of your need. You then wait for a response from the office or the approval notice.