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What is the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act?

The Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz) is generally there to regulate benefits for persons in need of material assistance who are in the process of obtaining asylum or a residence title. These state benefits are intended to cover the minimum subsistence level for the period of a person’s stay in Germany. This includes financial benefits, housing, basic services and emergency medical care. 

The standard rates are very low and really only just cover basic needs. The allocated housing is also only intended for a transitional period and usually offers little comfort.

From 01/06/2022, displaced persons from Ukraine receive benefits pursuant to Social Code II. In Germany, this is also known as ‘Bürgergeld’ or citizens’ allowance. It is regulated by the relevant Job Centre. This gives displace persons quicker and easier access to basic security benefits.