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What do I have to pay attention to after entering the country with animals, if I am accommodated together with my animal?

The responsible veterinary office must be informed immediately which persons (with animals, or only the animals) were accommodated where. An official veterinary examination will be required.
The appointment for this can be made by phone at 0341 – 1233791, or by email to

At this appraisal the further necessary steps are explained. For this purpose, the presence of a translator is helpful. If you are looking for support, please contact

From the experience of the past weeks it can be said that the further steps after the appraisal are usually the following:

Visit to a veterinary office
Identification of the animal with RFID microchip
issuance of a passport
initial or renewed rabies vaccination (from the moment of rabies vaccination the 21 days quarantine start)

The risk of introduction is considered low by the federal government, but must not be neglected.