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Taxis in Leipzig

Taxi Offices

There are several taxi offices in Leipzig. They will arrange a taxi for you. Here are the two largest:




The prices are uniformly set by the city of Leipzig for all taxis and cannot be negotiated. All taxis are fitted with a meter. The meter is turned on when you enter the taxi and always shows the current cost of your journey. You can request a receipt at the end of your journey.

Taxis can be orders in various ways:

  • Getting in at the taxi rank
  • Stopping at the roadside (if the yellow taxi sign on the car is turned on)
  • Calling the taxi office
  • Using the app of the taxi offices

The price is made up of a standing charge, an amount per kilometer driven and a surcharge due to the high cost of petrol. Higher prices apply at night and on weekends/holidays. You can find the current prices on the websites of the taxi offices and in the taxi.

Here are the prices (as of July 2022):

05:00–20:00 Uhr
Other times
Standing charge€ 3,90€ 3,90
Kilometres 1-2€ 2,70€ 2,90
Kilometres 3-10€ 2,00€ 2,20
Kilometre 11 onwards€ 1,70€ 2,00

Additional charges apply when ordering a minivan and/or if the taxi has to wait.

Uber, Bolt and Uklon are banned in Leipzig. They are not allowed to offer any services here.