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Checklist: What are the first steps in Leipzig?


There is currently an immigration freeze for displaced persons in Saxony. This means that no Ukrainian displaced persons can be accepted in Saxony. Therefore, registration from a reception centre is no longer possible. 

If you do travel to Saxony seeking refuge in a reception centre, you must expect to be transferred to another federal state.

In order to be accepted in Leipzig, you currently need a permanent residence in Leipzig.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula. Nevertheless, we have attempted to draw up a short checklist for successful registration in Leipzig:

Before you arrive

  • Check the entry and registration requirements (e.g. Stadt Leipzig).
    • Passport/valid identity document
    • Accommodation provider confirmation
  • Contact other displaced Ukrainian persons in Leipzig (e.g. via LHU Telegram chats) and keep relatives informed about your own whereabouts and contact persons.
  • Currently required for registration in Leipzig: organise private accommodation so that you can remain in Leipzig.
    • Rental agreement in place?
    • Communicate deadlines and expectations
  • Make copies of all the required documents and take them with you
  • Seek contact with assistants (e.g. via LHU or various sponsorship programmes)

After you arrive

  • Have your letting agent/landlord complete the accommodation provider confirmation
  • Attach your name to your letterbox
  • Make a registration appointment
  • If entering the country with animals: make a vet appointment and contact the veterinary office [internal LINK: Animals]
  • Start independent accommodation search

After registration