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work4u looking for volunteers – help Ukrainian refugees 1:1

We would like to draw your attention to the initiative “work4u”.
This initiative is a project of the nationwide non-profit organisation JOBLINGE.

JOBLINGE supports young adults who are looking for a connection to the world of work.

Since 2008, they have accompanied more than 13,000 young people on their way into the labour market – with a placement rate of 75 percent.

Since 2016, they have also launched the “Kompass” programme, in which they qualify young refugees with little language skills for training in Germany and place them in it.
The Joblinge network already includes 2400 companies, 2700 volunteer supporters and 50 public sponsors nationwide.

JOBLINGE is a joint initiative of the Boston Consulting Group and the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation of BMW AG.

Now you come into play:

Joblinge is looking for volunteers for the work4u initiative who want to accompany refugees from Ukraine digitally 1:1 on their way to the labour market, from initial orientation to job entry.

For this purpose, they offer a 90-minute digital onboarding, which is conducted by an experienced Joblinge employee. In this onboarding, the framework of the engagement is explained, an introduction to their knowledge database is given, as well as contact persons are introduced and the next steps are explained.
Volunteers spend about 2-3 hours per week on onboarding.

Initially, they look for volunteers who also speak Ukrainian/Russian (at least conversationally).

Joblinge then matches the refugees with volunteers based on pre-screened and prioritised criteria such as language, gender, place of residence, sector/professional experience.
Joblinge works with job boards or refers volunteers to specific job boards. We are upstream in the process – for all those who cannot find a job on their own through a good job exchange but need support in doing so.

Would you like to get involved?
Then simply register here: 

Registration for Volunteers on

Thank you very much and good luck!