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Where can I get assistance with employment topics?

  1. Bundesagentur für Arbeit: Agency for Labor Leipzig (Employment Agency in Leipzig)
    1. support in finding a suitable job
    2. consultations and specific job offers
    3. support: for example, coverage of application costs (resume), personal consultant and courses.
  1. Caritas Deutschland online or at the addresses of branches
    1. can help write the right resume
    2. find a job without knowledge of the language.
  1. The Specialized Immigration Information Center in Leipzig
    1. Advice on the recognition of foreign qualifications and career paths
    2. Information on the responsible recognition bodies, the procedure, the necessary documents and the costs of the procedure
    3. Support in reading and interpreting the notifications after the recognition procedure
    4. Help in finding a suitable qualification or compensatory measure
    5. Identify opportunities to improve language skills
    6. Assistance in finding financing options

Special information center Zuwanderung Leipzig
Georg-Schumann-Straße 173, 04159 Leipzig
Phone: +49 (0) 341 580 88 20 20
They advise in Arabic, Dari/Farsi, German, English, French, Polish, Russian and Spanish. You can also send an email in these languages.

  1. DAA – German Employee Academy GmbH