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What kind of things can I do at the Welcome Centre?

First of all, you can register at the Welcome Centre. This means you can register your place of residence and receive a registration certificate, which you can use to apply for your residence title and work permit at the Foreigners’ Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde).

Depending on requirements, certain services, for example those provided by the Foreigners’ Registration Office or Migration Assistance, as well as other counselling services, are transferred to the Welcome Centre. 

There is currently an immigration freeze in place for Saxony. This means that fewer people are now going to the centre compared to the numbers seen in May. Find out about the current offers and services of this facility here

The various authorities for initial registration and initial application for titles and benefits are located quite close to each other in Leipzig:

The Foreigners’ Registration Office is located right next to the Welcome Centre at Prager Straße 118-136, 04317 Leipzig. You can make an appointment with this office over the phone: 0341 123 3310. Alternatively, you can use the contact form. Ask the staff member who carries out your registration at the Welcome Centre for more information.

Generally, municipal services can be requested at the Welcome Centre. This might concern, for example, the care of relatives who are ill or in need of care, childcare, psychosocial help, debt advice or much more. The staff members will then refer you to the appropriate authorities and advisory centres.

People who are not covered by the legal framework of Social Code II and have received a rejection letter from the Job Centre can find information here. Pensioners, for example, can obtain information on old age security benefits. Benefits pursuant to the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act are applied for at the Social Welfare Office of the city of Leipzig. This can also be found on Prager Straße:


Migration Assistance

Prager Straße 21

04103 Leipzig

Phone: 0341 123 9241


You can also find out about the Leipzig-Passport and ask where you can find advisory centres.

If you need support finding a flat, you will also find help at the Welcome Centre.

To find out about the advisory centres, authorities, points of contact and support services, you can also use the city map from afeefa