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What is the Deutschlandticket?

The Deutschlandticket is the “successor” of the 9-Euro-Ticket and costs 49.00 EUR/month. There are no concessions for special groups of people, e.g. senior citizens, young people, etc.

The ticket will come into force on 1 May 2023. It is a nationwide ticket for local and regional transport. This includes trams, city and regional buses, Flexa, suburban and underground trains and regional trains.
The ticket is not valid on long-distance trains operated by Deutsche Bahn (e.g. IC and ICE) or long-distance buses (e.g. Flixbus). According to the current status, Flixtrain trains are also not included in the Deutschlandticket.

The Deutschlandticket for the price of 49.00 EUR/month is valid and available in Germany for at least the next 2 years. After that, the federal government will decide on it again.

The ticket is generally valid for one person and is not transferable to other persons.

The subscription cannot be paid in advance or in cash. It can only be paid by SEPA direct debit mandate.

It can be cancelled monthly.