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What do I have to consider when taking people, animals and objects with me?

Germany-wide rules for children, bicycles, dogs, etc.

There are separate rules for taking children, bicycles or dogs on regional and local transport in each federal state. Please find out before you travel whether additional tickets and additional costs are necessary.

Rules for children, bicycles, other adults and dogs in Leipzig

These regulations ONLY apply in Leipzig. Journeys outside the city cannot be made with the extensions!

In the city of Leipzig (fare zone 110), there are two adapted extensions for the Deutschlandticket. These can be booked flexibly and also cancelled monthly.
Extension 1 allows you to take up to three children or one dog and up to two children for 1.50 EUR. Extension 2 allows you to take one adult or one dog with you for 4.60 EUR. Both extensions can only be purchased once a month.
If you usually only travel with your dog, choose extension 1 to save money. The purchase of both extensions still only allows you to take one dog with you.
Additional dogs, additional children or additional adults require separate tickets, which must be paid for individually. The usual LVB rules apply to bicycles. The Deutschlandticket has no influence on this.
You can find more information on this at: