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What are the requirements regarding quarantine and rabies vaccinations for pets?

Germany is currently considered free of rabies. The Federal Office of Food and Agriculture, to which the municipal veterinary offices are assigned, declared the risk of introduction of the deadly disease by animals from Ukraine to be low. Nevertheless, certain provisions apply:
If the veterinary office imposes quarantine after the assessment, the general rule is that the animals are housed together with their owner and continuously separated from other households (separate living areas within the apartment/house). The maximum quarantine period is 21 days after rabies vaccination, due to the current federally facilitated entry requirements of Ukrainian animals.
If Ukrainian animals must be separated from their owners, these animals must also be housed separately from other animals. Should it be a group of Ukrainian animals that have always lived together (e.g. several dogs of one family), they can of course stay together as long as attention is paid to the spay/neuter status and possible conception of female animals to avoid uncontrolled reproduction.