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Travelling to Ukraine by Train

You can travel to Ukraine by bus or train. Information on travelling by bus can be found here.

The easiest way is via Dresden, Görlitz, Zgorzelec and Wroclaw to Przemysl. Ukrainian trains run from there to Lviv and Kyiv.

1. Leipzig – Dresden (Line RE50 Saxonia)

Departure from Leipzig central station05:0006:00hourly22:00
Arrival at Dresden central station06:4107:41hourly23.41

Timetable and booking:

2. Dresden – Görlitz – Zgorzelec (Line RE1)

Departure from Dresdencentral station06:2910:2912:2914:2915:29
Arrival in Zgorzelec07:5411:5413:5415:5416:54

The journey across the border from Görlitz to Zgorzelec is free

Other trains with changes also travel this route. The overview only shows direct trains.

Timetable and booking:

3. Zgorzelec – Wroclaw

Direct trains and trains with changes travel this route.

Cost: PLN 32,80

Timetable and booking:

4. Wroclaw – Przemysl

Direct InterCity trains travel this route several times each day.

Cost: Approx. PLN 60

Timetable and booking:

5. Przemysl – Lviv

Tickets can be booked online: