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Tickets in Leipzig

In Leipzig and the surrounding area, there is a uniform tariff for buses, trams and trains (S-Bahn, Regionalbahn and Regionalexpress). The tariff is set by the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV). Leipzig and the surrounding area are divided into various tariff zones. The more tariff zones you cross, the more expensive your journey will be. Leipzig is tariff zone 110. You will find an overview of the tariff zones and the price list online.

There are various ticket offers. The following list is an excerpt for Leipzig (tariff zone 110). The complete price list can be found online:

Ticket NameValidityPrice
Kurzstrecke [Short journey]Bus/tram: 4 stops without changing€ 2,00
Einzelfahrt [Single journey]1 hour with changes€ 3,00
Einzelfahrt Kind [Single journey (child)]1 hour with changes€ 1,30
Tageskarte [Day ticket]24 hours€ 8,40
Wochenkarte [Week ticket]1 week€ 29,90
Monatskarte [Month ticket]1 month€ 86,90
Month ticket with LeipzigPassLeipzig-Pass-Mobilcard€ 35,00

Month tickets are considerably cheaper with a subscription. The contract for a subscription usually runs for one year.

Prams, wheelchairs and Zimmer frames are transported for free.

There is a Bildungsticket [education ticket] for schoolchildren for just €15 per month.


Bicycles can be taken on regional trains (S-Bahn, Regionalbahn and Regionalexpress) for free.

Bicycles can be taken on trams and buses on Sundays and on weekdays between 19:30 and 06:00. At other times, a € 2 Extrakarte [extra ticket] is required.

Wheelchair users and prams always take priority over bicycles. In case of doubt, bicycles are not transported!


Small pets in crates are carried free of charge. A € 2 extra ticket must be purchased for larger animals.

Informationen und Beratung

Information and advice can be found in Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe service centres, Deutsche Bahn travel centres or in the abellio customer centre in the central station.