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Residence requirement and distribution

Sections 12a and 24 (5) of the Residence Act require anyone entering Germany as a beneficiary of protection to stay in the place where they are registered for the duration of the admission procedure. 

In Germany, each federal state and municipality receives funds from the state for the care and support of asylum seekers and displaced persons. It is only possible for a city or municipality to provide displaced persons with adequate housing and basic needs up to a certain point. In addition to medical care and financial aid, this also includes language courses and integration classes for children. 

Therefore, people without private accommodation, for example, those staying in reception centres and hotels in Leipzig, are distributed to other municipalities in Saxony. 

There, the person is registered and automatically required to have their habitual residence (domicile) in the respective town/city for the duration of the permanent residence title application process.

This obligation ceases at the end of the admission procedure. If no benefits are claimed at all, this obligation also ceases. In general, it is possible to apply for a change of residence.