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Public Holidays Leipzig

The days listed below are public holidays in Saxony.

This means that on these days there is a basic rule prohibiting employment in accordance with § 9 ArbZG. As a result, most shops are closed on these days and important purchases should be made in advance. However, there are some exceptions that are not affected by this regulation, such as for emergency and rescue services, fire brigades, hospitals and restaurants (§ 10 ArbZG).

Day-care centres, schools and universities are also closed on these days, but in the case of day-care centres there may be exceptions, for example if they are for children of parents who work in the hospital.

Most restaurants will be open on these days, so it makes sense to make a reservation for these days.

Most book halls and libraries are also closed on these days, but there are exceptions, such as the Campus Library and the Bibliotheca Albertina of Leipzig University. However, these two facilities are usually open with adjusted hours on these days and there is no library service on site.

The facilities of Leipzig’s sports pools (indoor and outdoor pools and sauna) are also open on these days. In the case of the outdoor pools, however, it may not be possible to operate as usual due to weather conditions. A look at the weather app or a call on site is recommended if you are unsure.

Most cinemas are also open on these days, but you should check the website beforehand.

Most museums (Grassi, MdBK…) are also open on public holidays, but usually with adjusted times and shorter than normal.

The shops for travel needs in the Promenaden Hauptbahnhof have shops open on public holidays from 1 – 6 pm.
Unfortunately, the website does not clearly define what counts as a travel needs shop.
For example, REWE at the main station is not open on 18 and 29 May.
Again, it is worth trying to find information about opening hours on the website of the main station beforehand.

Furniture stores such as IKEA are also closed on 18 May and 29 May, but Höffner in Leuna is open on these days.

Furthermore, it may also happen that due to bridge days some establishments remain closed for one day longer. However, this depends on the employer/ facility, but should usually have been communicated early enough.

Possible bridge days in Saxony:

  • 19.05.2023 (Friday), because Ascension Day is on a Thursday
  • (09.06.2023 (Friday), because Corpus Christi is on a Thursday)
  • 02.10.2023 (Monday), because German Unity Day is on a Tuesday
  • 30.10.2023 (Monday), because Reformation Day is on a Tuesday

Public Holidays Leipzig/ Saxony

Ascension Day18.05.2023 (Thursday)
Whit Monday29.05.2023 (Monday)
(Corpus Christi)08.06.2023 (Thursday)
In Saxony, however, Corpus Christi is a public holiday only in some Catholic municipalities!
German Unity Day03.10.2023 (Tuesday)
Reformation Day31.10.2023 (Tuesday)
Day of Prayer and Repentance22.11.2023 (Wednesday)
Christmas Day25.12.2023 (Monday)
2nd Christmas Day26.12.2023 (Tuesday)