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Within a very short time, the initiative “Leipzig helps Ukraine” has established itself as a contact point for refugees and provides information through various channels. Furthermore, we connect those seeking help with regional contact points and support authorities in identifying the need for help.

After people have completed their initial registration, we receive more and more requests for job offers. Therefore, we created a new section at “Leipzig helps Ukraine” and a Telegram channel where we publish regional jobs.

Employers can let us publish their vacancies in order to address our followers and community in a targeted way. You can use the following form to report vacancies to us, which we will then share on the channel.

Does your position not require language skills in German or English? Then we would be very grateful if you could fill in the fields in Ukrainian and/or Russian. Deepl or GoogleTranslate provide valuable help for this. Alternatively, you can request a translation by us from the dropdown at the end of this form. Thank you very much for your help!

Job Offer Form

Please select at least one hashtag from each of the categories below. They will facilitate the applicants’ search for the jobs best suited to them

Language requirements:

Type of Employment:





We recommend to post the job offer in the language you require – for example, if German needs to be spoken by your employee, we suggest to post the job offer in German. For jobs which don’t require special language skills, we can try to translate your offer, if enough volunteers are at hand.
Captcha Enter the letters and digits you see in the image above.

It may take some time to publish the job. Please formulate it in accordance with the AGG in order to prevent discrimination on the basis of race, origin, gender, sexual identity, ideology, religion, age or disability. “Leipzig helps Ukraine” therefore reserves the right to reject posts or adapt them accordingly.

Link to the Telegram Leipzig Ukraine Jobs Channel

Jobs Leipzig Ukraine (Telegram Channel)

You can access this channel using the Telegram app: Telegram on Google Play / Telegram in Apple App Store

And here’s some more information…

For the successful running of our association activities we face regular costs – e.g. for the rent of our office, for the operation of our IT infrastructure as well as for attending and holding information events.
To help us cover these costs, you are most welcome to send us donations via PayPal ( or by bank transfer (DE05 8605 5592 1090 2919 53).

Thank you very much!

Kind regards
Leipzig helps Ukraine e.V.