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Information on language learning courses

Certificated offers

Primarily courses should be attended that can be completed with a certificate or language diploma. These include general integration courses, where attendance is usually compulsory. The costs for the course can be covered.

In an integration course, basic German language skills are taught (i.e. up to level B2). Under certain conditions, vocational language courses can be attended afterwards, which cover the higher requirement range up to C2.

Integration courses are offered at different times and for part-time or full-time participation. There are also special types of courses for certain groups of people (e.g. visually impaired). In some cases, childcare is also offered during the courses. In short, there should be an opportunity for everyone to participate.

Here you can find an overview of the integration courses offered in Leipzig. In order to participate, you must submit an “Application for Admission to an Integration Course” – however, the course providers can assist you with this.


Overview of integration courses

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Overview of vocational language courses

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Low-threshold offers

If you would also like to practise German (for example, to prepare for an exam), you can take part in volunteer-organised German courses, language cafés or language meetings. These are free of charge.

The following overview is available in Ukrainian (automatic translation). You can change the language in the website menu.

Full overview of language offers

Selection of Ukrainian/Russian courses (not complete)