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How do I get a Deutschlandticket? I already have a subscription at LVB.

Existing subscribers will be able to convert their current subscription to a Deutschlandticket subscription from 01 March 2023 at

If the request has not been withdrawn by 17 April 2023, the changeover will take place automatically on 01 May 2023.

It is urgently necessary to make this change! If the existing subscription is not converted, but another subscription is taken out, you will pay the costs of the Deutschlandticket AND your other subscription.
The changeover can be made at any time. However, the Deutschlandticket is only valid in the next month if the change is made by the 10th of the current month. Otherwise it will only be valid the month after next.

Special right of termination: An existing subscription is replaced by the changeover to the Deutschlandticket. The minimum subscription period of the existing subscription is irrelevant and invalidated by the changeover.

For subscriptions already ordered that were paid for in cash and also fall within the period of the Deutschlandticket, the difference will be transferred back to the account specified when the Deutschlandticket subscription is taken out.

In the case of subscriptions already ordered which were purchased by direct debit and which fall within the period of the Deutschlandticket, the difference will be transferred back to the account specified at the time.

To do this, however, you MUST first switch to the Deutschlandticket subscription, only then will everything else happen automatically.

Rules for ABO Senior/ABO Senior Partner

Customers who have taken out a Senior/Senior-Partner subscription and switch to a Deutschlandticket subscription do not have to cancel their subscription separately.

The Senior Partner Subscription is the possibility for another person to purchase the Senior Ticket with the same services at a lower price. However, this is linked to the fact that another person has first taken out the Senior Partner Subscription.

The contract position of the ABO Senior Partner ceases to exist the moment the ABO Senior customer terminates his contract. The ABO senior partner can then conclude his own ABO senior contract or also purchase a Deutschlandticket.

If only the ABO Senior partner wants to change to the Deutschlandticket, the contract can be terminated on the desired date. The ABO Senior ticket can be used as usual and only the amount for the ABO Senior will be debited at the next debit.

In case the ABO Senior and the ABO Senior Partner were paid in advance for a whole year in a single payment and now only the ABO Senior Partner wants to change to the Deutschlandticket, the chargeback will be made to the account of the ABO Senior, as it was debited from the account at that time. A separate payment to another account is not possible.

Rules for other subscription models

The ABO Flex subscription will be completely replaced by the Deutschlandticket when the changeover takes place.

Customers who have a JOB-Ticket must contact their company, as they have the option of either continuing to offer the usual JOB-Ticket model or the Deutschland JOB-Ticket.

Customers who have a LeipzigMOVE+ subscription and want to change to a Deutschlandticket can also apply for a change from 01 March 2023. With the Deutschlandticket, you retain the benefits of LeipzigMOVE+, such as all sharing services for bikes, cars, e-scooters and taxis in the app. The 10 monthly 15-minute free rides from nextbike are also retained. The basic fee of 6.90 euros is waived with the changeover. You only pay the usage fees for the sharing offers and the costs for the Deutschlandticket.