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How can I claim the maximum amount of benefits I am entitled to? (Additional needs)

The basic security benefits under Social Code II allow for the benefits of the standard rate to be topped up. For this purpose, there are so-called additional needs that must be declared in order to receive them. This means that you must apply for each additional need separately. In addition, you will have to prove that this particular need exists in your benefit community. If, for example, it relates to school supplies for your child, such proof can be a letter from the school.

Additional needs may be, for example:

  • increased utility costs (hot water)
  • help for mothers-to-be
  • help for single parents
  • increase in the standard rate for food where medically required
  • and much more

The additional needs and regulations around them can vary. For example, it is currently possible to declare an additional need for a computer for educating children at home.

To find out which additional needs you can apply for and what evidence you need to supply, it is best to speak to the caseworker who is responsible for you at the Jobcenter. Their name is printed in the top right of the letterhead of your approval notice.

The application process is essentially nothing new:

Write an informal email to your caseworker, stating your benefit community number (‘BG-Nummer’, printed on your approval notice) and describing your request. State the expected costs and attach proof of your need. You then wait for a response from the office or the approval notice.