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Certified translations of official documents

Certified translations of official documents such as certificates, diplomas, degrees, etc. are carried out by certified (sworn) translators.

The translation of individual documents usually costs between 30€ and 60€. The price depends on the volume and readability of the document. Many translation agencies or translators offer a discount if the translation of several documents is requested in a bundle. Requests to the listed translation agencies or translators can be made directly via the website or by e-mail. After that, the price for the translation is quoted and the offer can be accepted. The translation will then be delivered by post within a few days.

  1. Comtext Fremdsprachenservice GmbH
    Gottschedstr.12, 04109 Leipzig
    Phone: 0341 211 78 61

Request a quote: by mail or online

  1. DKA Übersetzungsbüro Tatjana Rinck
    An d. Verfassungslinde 20, 04103 Leipzig
    Phone: 0341 2514561
    Mobil: 0176 40265509
    Request a quote by mail:
  1. Das ÜbersetzerNetzwerk
    Übersetzungsbüro Leipzig
    Phone: 0341 / 392 81 454
    Request a quote: online oder by mail
  1. Alphatrad Germany
    Phone: 0800 1014363
    Request a quote: online or by mail
    Discount code: UKR-LEIPZIG

Further certified (sworn) translators can be found in the following database: