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Bund Freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden: free play and meeting time

The Protestant congregation Elim Leipzig is offering a free “play and meeting time” on the lawn at Hans-Poeche-Str. 11 from 25.03.2022 at 15:00 for children with their parents who have come from Ukraine. All children are cordially invited to play and have fun with a bouncy castle and handicrafts. There will be time to meet and exchange ideas over coffee and cake.

Hans-Poeche Str.11, 04103 Leipzig
Stops: Hofmeisterstr (tram line 1, 3, 8/bus line 72, 73) or Friedrich-Liszt-Platz (tram line 1, 3, 8/bus line 72, 73)

Children with their parents from Ukraine

Fridays, from 25.03.2022 at 15:00h

Evangelical congregation ELIM Leipzig
Hans-Poeche-Strasse 11
04103 Leipzig
Tel.: 0341 – 212 55 22
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